CSA 2018: Week 13

 Cucumbers and beans slowing down, but still going pretty strong in the hoophouse. 

Cucumbers and beans slowing down, but still going pretty strong in the hoophouse. 

Sorry about the lack of blog post last week. Adam and I were both dealing with dog-related family emergencies so some things fell through the cracks. But we are back on track this week!

It certainly feels like September on the farm. Nice sunny, windy days and chilly nights mean we have to close up the greenhouses each night and open them up each morning. Now that most of our planting and weeding is done for the season, the name of the game is harvest and tidy up. Things slowed down enough this week that we got to check some big projects off that have been on the farm to-do list for months! September always brings a sigh of relief after the craziness of August and we are so ready for fall! Hope you are too!

Your CSA share this week reflects the gradual fall trajectory; we'll start to see less tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash but more fall crops! This time around you guys got Yukon Gem potatoes, yellow onions, hardneck garlic, kale, carrots, Romano beans, Italian parsley, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, and Carmen sweet peppers for Lewiston and poblano peppers for Moscow (we'll switch next week).


Romano beans are Italian, flat, snap type beans that are super yummy and versatile. You can roast, sauté, stir fry, blanch, braise, and even grill these bad boys. We've had a bit of a tough year with these beans so it's very special that we were able to include some in your share this week. We will shoot for next week too but no promises! It might get too chilly!

Lewiston peeps got Carmen sweet peppers this week, while Moscow folks got poblano peppers. Next week it will be the opposite. Carmen peppers are Italian sweet peppers. I think they're amazing raw, but Sandy, one of our wonderful Lewiston CSA members, says I ALWAYS say that everything's good raw, so I'll give ya some cooking recipes too! ;)

Poblano peppers are also amazing raw but really shine when roasted. Poblano are a slightly spicy, smoky chile pepper variety developed in Mexico. When roasted and dried they're called Ancho chiles. I love them in eggs, green chili, tacos, fresh salsas, etc. Further inspiration is below.