CSA 2018: Week 11

Smoke, heat, harvesting, and August seem to all go hand in hand every year! We haven't let the smoky, hot weather slow us down too much and are thinking of our fellow farmers in fire-affected places and sending love. We're also sending lots of love and water to our tiny little fall lettuce, chicory, radish, and turnip babies that are trying to survive the dry heat so they can be big and strong this fall. Already had to re-seed once! 


This week we finally have some peppers for ya! You'll find the first of the bell peppers and our first big crop of padron peppers, along with heritage tomatoes, Savoy cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, Yukon Gem potatoes, fresh yellow onions, and cherry tomatoes. 


Padron peppers are a type of Spanish pimento pepper, similar to a shisito pepper. These cute little green peppers are mostly super mild, but about one in ten is spicy! So make some awesome  tapas and play Russian roulette! The most common way to prepare padrons is to quickly blister them in oil and salt for an awesome appetizer or snack.