CSA 2018: Week 10

Happy Week 10! That means we are halfway through the CSA season! Yay! August is definitely a hot, tired time for farmers and we are no exception. We're trying to stay motivated to seed fall crops, mow, pull weeds, and keep up the with the harvest storm. So far so good but we're definitely starting to take more swim and beer breaks! ;)


This week is ratatouille week so we gave you tons of eggplant, San Marzano paste tomatoes, and zucchini, along with kale, carrots, heritage tomatoes, basil, fresh yellow onions, jalapeño, and cucumber. Check out all of these fun, ratatouille-themed recipes or just make it up! You can't go wrong!


Sweet Italian basil is one of our favorite herbs to grow and it's super easy to use since it's good with EVERYTHING! However, this herb can be a little tricky for folks to store, so here are some tips! I like to keep basil in a little vase or jar of water on the counter, just like a bouquet of flowers.  Basil also is very tender and doesn't love the refrigerator. 

We'd also like to offer our wonderful San Marzano Roma tomatoes to all of you canners at wholesale price. This variety is by far our favorite paste tomato to grow. They have an amazing flavor and texture, are very meaty and low moisture and blanch like butter! Email me if you would like to order a 20 pound box of Romas and I can bring them down to CSA pick up for you.