CSA 2018: Week 7

What a week! Finally Adam and I are both back on the farm after both of our wedding-related adventures, just in time for the HEAT! But we're #grateful. This hot weather kicked our crops into high gear and stuff is ripening like mad. We're so psyched to say hello to tomatoes, eggplant, flowers, way more cucs, and almost peppers!

Our garlic also took the heat as a sign to mature and dry up in like 5 seconds so we've been scrambling to get in all out of the ground. After a couple big harvest days and some help from our farm superstar, Holly, and several working CSA members, all of our garlic is out of the field and decorating the ceiling of our barn while it dries. Whew! 

In your share this week, you'll find: green cabbage, carrots, cinnamon basil, crisphead lettuce, zuchinni, cucumber, hardneck garlic, and cherry or saladette tomatoes. 


Most of this stuff is pretty darn self explanatory but I do want to give you some cinnamon basil tips and share a couple fun cabbage ideas. Cinnamon basil is similar to Thai basil in taste and color, though it does have a cinnamon hint to it. I love this beautiful herb in cocktails, asian dishes, and marinated in olive oil. Just throw the purple flowers and stems into a jar of nice olive oil and you can make your own basil flavored dipping sauce and dressing!

One of our long-time CSA members, Karen, shared a great way to use up those big cabbages. She made a slaw with cabbage, pineapple, and other fruits, and then dressed it with a peach balsamic vinaigrette. She says this slaw is super sweet, crunchy, and refreshing on a hot day!