CSA 2018: Week 1

CSA is finally here again! Welcome to all of our new members and welcome back to our old hats! We're so excited to have you all with us this season. We hope to get to know you all better and stock your fridges with super fresh local food!

It's crazy to think that Adam and I already have a year and a half of farming together under our belts. Time flies! I hesitate to say this, lest I tempt fate, but we are feeling pretty on top of things...which is a BIG deal for us! We had a couple construction projects to work on this winter and spring but mostly got to just farm and get the crops off to a good start!

Though we've got some crops to transplant over the next month, the majority of our fields are full, which feels great! We started trellising our hoophouse tomatoes and cucumbers this week and are getting ready to plant winter squash, pumpkins, and melons.

In your CSA this week you'll find carrots, snap peas, green garlic, butter lettuce, arugula, and sunflower shoots.


Most of you will remember the living micro greens from last year but here's a refresher for new folks and those who forgot what to do with these little guys. Microgreens are just baby greens that are harvested before or right as they're developing their first set of true leaves. These babies are more nutrient-dense and flavorful than their future, more mature selves. We like to put them in everything: salads, pasta, smoothies, sandwiches, or anything else we want to class up! To keep them alive, we just stick them on the counter on a plate or shallow dish with some water in it. But watch out because kitties love to snack on micros too!

Green garlic, also called spring garlic, is essentially young garlic that is harvested before the plant forms a bulb. It's only available locally in spring and early summer and is rarely found in grocery stores so use this spring belle of the ball wisely! Similar to a leek or green onion, you can chop up the white root end all the way up to the light green leaves. 

Remember to bring your own bag, basket, box, rucksack, saddlebag, bucket, sidecar, or whatever you like to pack your CSA veggies into along with you to distribution. If you like to individually bag your veggies bring plastic sacks for this too. 

Also, for all of you L/C Valley members who have local friends and family who are super jealous of your CSA bounty, send them our way! We'd like to get a couple more Lewiston members to round out the season and make the most of our delivery drive. You can put folks directly in touch with me at keegan@victoryfarmmoscow.com. Thanks for helping us spread the word!