CSA 2018: Week 2

Another busy week has come and gone. Our hoophouses are starting to really take off. Can't wait for cucumbers!!!

This week your share contains: butter lettuce, frisee, garlic scapes, carrots, haukeri turnips, salad, and snap peas. 


We're psyched that we got to give you guys twice as many snap peas since our 8 foot tall plants are cranking them out! We're also excited to share some more weirdo veggies with you: garlic scapes and frisee!

Last week you had green or spring garlic in your share, which is like little kid garlic. Garlic scapes are like the chopped off mohawk of a rebellious garlic teenager, while full, cured heads of garlic are the grownups! Once little kid garlic starts to get pretty tall and lanky and starts to think about forming an adult bulb they send up their scapes from the middle of the plant. If left un-cut these scapes will eventually form into a big, round allium flower. Growers tend to cut off the scapes once they have a curl or two improve the final quality and storage life of the bulbs. And then we get to eat all the yummy scapes! Just chop 'em up saut√© a bit and then cook whatever you're into, just like garlic cloves. Scapes are nice raw in pestos and dressings too because they have a sweeter, milder flavor. 

Frisee is a member of the chicory family and have the signature mildly bitter flavor of its relatives radicchio, endive, and escarole. We love it raw in salads mixed with some lettuce or baby greens. It's also great on sandwiches as a crunchy, nutritious addition. 

Enjoy your week and your produce! See you next Wednesday!