CSA Share #14

Life on the farm has felt a bit apocalyptic lately as we harvest and weed in our respirators, helicopters whirring above and Moscow Mountain invisible through the smoke. But as fellow farmers around the country leave their homes, farms, and livelihoods to escape fires, floods, and hurricanes, we are reminded how lucky we are to be farming at all, and how truly fragile our occupation is. 


As our environment changes and weather systems become more violent and unpredictable, it is vital for our communities to continue to support local agriculture. Our food system is needs more than just producers and consumers, it needs activists. Thank you all for being a part of this movement and investing in your food. Our farm is stronger because of you.


This week, our CSA friends are enjoying a diverse and bountiful share: tons of tomatoes, jalapeno, sweet onions, garlic, french breakfast radishes, cantaloupe, yukon gem potatoes, cucumber, zucchini, and heritage cherry tomatoes. 

Since we have so many great tomatoes in the share this week, we've christened it "PIZZA WEEK!" Yay! I love to make pizza on the grill because it's super easy, fun, and tastes WAY fancier than it actually is. There are two pizza dough recipes below, one gluten-full, one gluten free. Both will work great for grilled pizza.

When I have pizza nights, I just whip up a bunch of dough, get the grill super hot and then let my family and friends go nuts with toppings: veggies, sauces, meat, fruit, whatever...no recipe needed! So use up those veggies, have a bunch of fun, and remember that, as they scream in my friend Hannah's metal band, "PIZZA IS MEANT TO BE CREATIVE!"