CSA Share #15

 1 fun point for watermelon!

1 fun point for watermelon!

Fall on the farm is like the last leg of a race. You're pretty sure you're going to finish, but you're not sure what place you'll take or what kind of shape you'll be in at the end. The going's a bit easier since you've made it through most of the race but you're hella exhausted and thoughts of "maybe I better just quit while I'm ahead" are harder and harder to banish.

Therefore, we had to take matters of motivation and happiness into our own hands! Adam and I have developed a system of "fun points." We're supposed to do AT LEAST one fun thing everyday at work. Every time we do something fun we rate it on a scale of 1-5. For example, a one would be a watermelon snack or frisbee tossing sesh, while, according to Adam, getting day drunk and riding a rollercoaster would be a 5!

As you can imagine, there is A LOT of fun to be had in between 1 and 5! Our plan is to set a fun points goal and if we meet our goal by the end of the season, we get to go on a rad farmer vacation and tour some west side farms. So wish us luck! (We're going to need it).


Here's what the CSA is snacking on this week: heirloom tomatoes, red bell peppers, poblanos, green cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, beets, and radishes. Keep reading for some beet and cabbage-inspired recipes...

Remember to have fun, be happy, and eat your veggies! And give yourself a fun point on us...we love you!