CSA Share #9

August is here and with is the crazy summer heat we've all been waiting for (and/or dreading). Adam and I are definitely baking out there on the farm, but these hot days and especially the warm nights, are doing wonders for our ripening fruits. The cucumbers are producing like it's going out of style, the melons are super green but swelling, the peppers are thinking about changing color, and the TOMATOES are just starting to ripen!!!!! Don't get your salsa recipes out just yet, we only got a couple this week and hope to have enough for CSA by next or the following week...but we are well on our way to a bumper crop of tomatoes!

Despite their hatred of the heat and general aversion to the sun, the chickies are still laying strong and we'll have lots of eggs available for sale at both the Moscow and LC Valley CSA distributions. Eggs are available first come, first serve and are, for the time being, $5/dozen. The girls snack on grass, bugs, produce, kitchen scraps, and a local, GMO-free grain mixture grown by our friend Eric Zakarison in Pullman. 

We also have garlic braids for sale at CSA pickup. The idea behind the garlic braid is to hang it on your kitchen wall and, starting from the top and working down the braid, clip a bulb off as needed throughout the fall and winter. Garlic stores really well when braided so these bulbs should last into next year! They also make really sweet gifts for food-minded friends.

This week's share is our heaviest to date: new potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, basil, kale, rainbow carrots, HUGE napa cabbage, and an eggplant or a pepper. Most every of the veg this week should be pretty familiar but I bet napa cabbage is a new one for some of you. Napa cabbage is probably my favorite type of cabbage. It has a crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor that's perfect raw, stir fried, or in kimchi. Read on for some ideas...