CSA Share #8

Geez....it sure has been a while since I put my blogging hat on! Sorry for the delay on blogs, btw. I have been, to put it lightly, having technical difficulties. I am notorious for my technological illiteracy and so it was no surprise to anyone when I started having problems with my ancient laptop. After spending several frustrating weeks with a cracked mousepad and with out the use of  the keys: U, M, and F, I brought it into VGH and was informed, "Ma'am, your computer is slowly exploding." Obviously. A slow explosion. Needless to say, Adam had an old laptop so here we are! Back in the 21st century! 

Life on the farm has been busy (as usual), hot, and exciting! we've been working really hard to get our fall crops established and we finally planted all of our brassicas: seven 250 foot beds! That's A LOT of broccoli and cauliflower! We are also continuing our battle with the amazingly fast growing and resilient weeds we have at the farm. But our crops are also growing amazingly fast! This week, we've tasted our first 2017 eggplant, poblano pepper, bell pepper, potato, sage, tomato, and carrot...and our dahlias are blooming!

Since we've got so much new stuff, our CSA members got an exciting share this week: new potatoes, rainbow carrots, kale, sage, garlic, cucumbers, zucchini, and peppers OR eggplant. Since our hot season crops are just getting going, we don't have large quantities yet so we decided to give Lewiston eggplant and Moscow peppers and then switch next week! Sharing is caring!

Yay, summer! Enjoy the good food, take lots of swim breaks, and wear sunscreen! We will too!