CSA Share #4

WATER. We have struggled with our water supply since Adam first bought the land and had the well drilled. I'll spare you the details but after four years of growing with 1 gallon/minute of super sandy, silty water and investing TONS of money, headache, and heartache into irrigation infrastructure, our well driller was able to bring to production of the well way up to 8 gallons/minute of much cleaner water.

I can't overstate how much of a game changer this is for us. We just got EIGHT times more water than we've had for years, overnight! We feel invincible. Like maybe we should just grow rice and cranberries now, for Pete's sake. We've got the water! This is a HUGE victory for all of us at Victory Farm: Adam and me, our families, our friends, our CSA, our customers, and all the rest of the folks who support us. The farm's production potential is astronomically greater than it was two days ago and we can't wait to use this beautiful, clean, spouting resource to grow tons more food for all of YOU!

This week our CSA contains escarole, haukeri turnips, broccoli, lettuce, kohlrabi, garlic scapes, and zucchini.


Escarole is the big, green, fluffy thing that looks like lettuce but isn't. Escarole is part of the chicory family (like frisee and endive) and has a slightly bitter flavor. We like it in salads mixed with other greens, in soup, or sauteed with something hearty like bacon, sausage or beans. Here's a couple recipes to get you going. Be brave!


Kohlrabi is another new one this season for all you CSA peeps. This cute veggie has always reminded me of some sort of spaceship/sea creature and is related to broccoli, cabbage and kale. Kohlrabi is amazingly sweet and crunchy raw, so that's our favorite way to eat it; with hummus, in salad, or peeled and whole like and apple! For more ideas...read on!

FUN FACT: Garlic scapes make really cool jewelry.