CSA Share #3

It's finally starting to feel pretty summery around here! "Finally." I feel like that is my most often used word this year...it makes sense though...the season has been so slow and we're so anxious for the season to start progressing and crops start producing that we get SOOOO excited when the weather warms up or the fields dry out or the kale FINALLY comes on!

After another nutty week of transplanting, we finally (there it is again!) have our main season crops in the ground. We've also been working on pruning and trellising our tomatoes, cleaning out the nursery and filling it with peppers, tackling a million weeding projects, and trying to outsmart a couple of pretty smart owls...long story. 

This week, you'll find lettuce, kale, cauliflower, radishes, haukeri turnips, italian parsley, pea shoots and garlic scapes in your CSA share.

The pea shoots mark the end of the microgreens for a while, so make the most of these cuties! You can treat these sweet little peas just like the radish and sunflower microgreens (bottom water them on your counter or stick 'em in the fridge). You should be able to get a second cutting off of your peas. Just harvest them a bit above soil level, give them another week or so to grow and then harvest again!

Wondering what that curly green stalk is swimming around the bottom of your CSA box? It's a garlic scape and one of our favorite spring veggies! A garlic scape is the flowering stalk of hardneck garlic. Just before the garlic bulb is ready to harvest, the plant sends out a stalk that curls and twists before eventually growing straight up to produce a stalk. We remove these scapes to prevent the flower from developing and, of course, so we can eat them!

You can use these curlicues in tons of different ways. I usually just chop them up, saute them in oil, and then throw in whatever other veggie I'm cooking. Check out the links below for some fun recipes and more info. This was just our first little harvest of scapes, but we have a ton more coming on! We're hoping to add a lot more to share next or the following week for you really get creative with! 

We are so grateful for all of our brave and creative CSA members for going on this season-long veggie journey with us. It is a joy to grow your food. Thank you.