CSA Share #2

After another lovely June week of transplanting, the farm is finally starting to look like a farm! We got our winter squash, pumpkins, storage cabbage, tomatoes and eggplant planted out in the field and are starting to see major growth in our carrots, beets, kale, and other favorites....just a little taste of what's to come this summer! June is one of my favorite months on the farm because the fields really start to take shape. The myriad levels and textures of so many different crops sure make for some awesome farm eye candy! 

Just like the farm landscape, this week's CSA shares are full of varying textures, colors, and shapes. Each share contains cauliflower, haukeri turnips, green garlic, white icicle radishes, arugula, head lettuce, and radish microgreens. 


Haukeri turnips are NOT your grandma's boiled turnips. They are super sweet, super tender, and super yummy! We like to just eat them raw like apples or slice them up into our salads. They're great to cook with too but most folks like their flavor and texture best when raw.

Green garlic, also called spring garlic, is essentially baby garlic that is harvested before the plant forms a bulb. It's only available locally in spring and early summer and is rarely found in grocery stores so use this spring belle of the ball wisely! Similar to a leek or green onion, you can chop up the white root end all the way up to the light green leaves.