Market CSA -- A Flexible Option

Traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs offer tons of benefits to both the customer and their farmer, but can be difficult or inconvenient for some folks. Market CSA programs allow customers to purchase a produce account and then shop for their veggies at the market---more flexibility and less commitment, but plenty of awesome local veggies and happy farmers. Here's a bit about how our traditional and market CSA programs work.

At Victory Farm, CSA members sign up early in the year and then get to pickup a weekly supply of fresh, local produce directly from their farm from June to October. Since the farmers decide on what vegetables to include in the share each week, the members get to learn about and experiment with new foods that they might not otherwise purchase. A lot of our CSA members love that they get to just show up and be surprised with a different box of veggies each week. "CSA makes me more creative in the kitchen!" and "Who knew I loved kohlrabi so much?" are some of the comments we hear on distribution day. 

 My sister, Dory, with a big 'ol CSA basket!

My sister, Dory, with a big 'ol CSA basket!

CSA customers also are directly participating in both the success of their small CSA farm and the local agriculture system as a whole. Since members purchase their shares in early spring when the farm has no money coming in but LOTS of costs to cover, farmers are able to get the season off to a great start without maxing out the credit card! Each CSA member is essentially providing the farm with a small operating loan that is paid back in produce over the course of the season. I can honestly say that Victory Farm would not exist without the amazing investment and support of our CSA members. 

CSA is awesome for sure, but the traditional model doesn't work for everyone. Some folks have productive home gardens and don't want ANYMORE darn tomatoes in their share. Others are out of town often throughout the summer and miss too many distribution days. Some parents are dealing with super picky eaters and need to choose their vegetables wisely. And other folks just don't like surprises; they want to pick out their veggies based on their meal plan for the week. And then their are those Moscow Farmers Market die-hards who LOVE to shop at the market and can't give it up (even for a CSA)! 

So what's a local food-loving, farmer-supporting, market-loving, meal-planning, veggie gardening, picky eater-wrangling gal or guy supposed to do?!?! Sign up for a Victory Farm Market Share, of course! 

 Longtime CSA members and market customers, Erica LaFrenier and her spunky daughter, Josie.

Longtime CSA members and market customers, Erica LaFrenier and her spunky daughter, Josie.

Market CSA members still purchase a share in advance of the growing season, but, instead of picking up their box of veggies each week at the farm, market members shop our stand at the Moscow Farmers' Market using their purchased credit. A market share is basically like a produce account; members just grab whatever they want at the market and we'll deduct it from their account. As a bonus for early purchase, members receive an optional 10% additional credit that they can choose to add to their account or reinvest in the farm!

In order to make our market CSA program even more flexible and serve even more folks, we offer four market share size options:

  • Small: $100
  • Medium: $200
  • Large: $300
  • Extra Large: $500

This way, all kinds of people with all kinds of lives can get the perfect amount of produce. If you're interested in signing up for a Victory Farm Market CSA Share, we'd love to have you! The Moscow Farmers Market starts in just five weeks, so hurry!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments. We love to stay in touch with our customers! See you at the market!